Smalls For All Donation

It's so important that while we were stood launching the business, drinking prosecco and eyeing up luxurious lingerie in fancy satins and laces, that we remember that for some women all over the world underwear is a vital necessity that cannot be afforded. Underwear is worn for a multitude of reasons including, sexuality and sensuality,... Continue Reading →

Why Lingerie Design?

I get asked all the time why I wish to work in the intimate apparel industry. Hopefully, this blog post will give you an insight into one of the greatest loves of my life and how I ended up where I am.

About Violet and Emily

My name is Harri, I am a tea drinking, knicker stitching MA graduate from Gloucestershire. This blog post marks the beginning of my journey into creating an innovative intimate apparel brand. I hope you look forward to coming along for the ride with me.

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