The Launch Night

When launching my business one of the hardest things I have had to overcome is the idea that one day everything will be perfectly in place and I will be ready to open the doors (or website). However, as the months have gone on, I’ve come to realise that there’s always something else I could be doing, more knickers I could be making, more marketing and networking I could be starting and even more emails I could be sending. The list is absolutely endless. However, I have to keep reminding myself that:

If you wait until you’re ready you’ll be waiting the rest of your life. 

In all honesty, this couldn’t be more true. I am no where near ready to be opening the website or selling huge quantities (I’m still waiting for numerous factory orders). BUT.. I am ready to start living the life I always dreamed, running my own business, selling lingerie, nightwear and gifts. So I guess I’ll take each step as it comes and slowly but surely I’ll get there.

There was only one real way to celebrate the start of my dream and that was a few glasses of prosecco with my nearest and dearest! Which was done at my office in Gloucestershire.

So the highlights of the night:

  • I was surrounded by my family, friends and most important people in my life
  • We raised £359 for the charity Smalls for All (blog post to follow).
  • Richard Parsons (Magician and Pickpocket) entertained all of my family and friends
  • We drank a lot of prosecco
  • We celebrated and advertised lots of small businesses, including my wonderful sign by AlumiDesigns
  • The bar men wore bras

Someone very special to me once said that ‘you make your own luck in life’. However, after last night I couldn’t disagree more. I am surrounded by THE most incredible group of people who encourage, love, support and push me to be the business woman I have always imagined. For that I am eternally the luckiest girl in the world, and I know I didn’t make that.

Don’t forget to visit my website and follow our instagram and facebook accounts.

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